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Dr. Mario Vella

Founder and Head of Education

International rugby professional for 18 years, with two decades of experience in high-level sports conditioning, Dr. Mario Vella’s early background is in computer engineering. He holds a degree in Sports Science and later pursued a six-year course in Osteopathy, he is also a certified Massage Therapist.

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Additionally, Dr. Vella completed a two-year master’s program in Nutrition and Supplementation with in partnership with ESNS (European Sport Nutrition Society). Specializing in strategies for improving health, wellness, and wellbeing, he integrates his expertise in fitness, sports, manual therapy, posturology, nutrition, and lifestyle.

As a certified coach by FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation) and for FIR (Italian Rugby Federation), Dr. Vella focuses on optimizing performance and physical preparation for various elite and Olympic-level athletes across different disciplines. A proponent and user of technological innovations in fitness and sports, he is the creator of the first EMS Training courses, structured at multiple levels, making him a pioneer in this field long before founding the EMS International Academy — the international school exclusively dedicated to EMS W-B training, now utilised worldwide by professionals, athletes, and sports teams.

Recognised as one of the foremost international experts in EMS training, Dr. Vella has imparted his know-how within the courses of our Academy, leading their evolution and upgrades.

He is an international speaker on topics of health, movement, and prevention, promoting the development and enhancement of quality of life through physical activity. 

Dr. Vella is part of the Olympic Training Group, an innovative joint project with the IOC (International Olympic Committee) that gathers a selection of high-performance sports experts dedicated to coaching Olympic trainers.

As the organizer of the EMS IC (International Congress), he brought this event to Italy for the first time, conducting it in collaboration with the University of Pavia and German research institutes specializing in EMS. He has independently conducted studies and research in recent years on the effects and effectiveness of EMS Training in collaboration with Italian universities and with the support of numerous medical professionals and researchers.

Ariella Kemna

Master Trainer

Meet Ariella Kemna, a passionate EMS training expert with a master’s in sports science and 15 years in the fitness industry. As a lecturer, she shares her knowledge, overcoming personal challenges like chronic tinnitus. Ariella’s journey exemplifies the power of electrostimulation and a commitment to perpetual learning about the human body.

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My name is Ariella Kemna, and I am an enthusiastic EMS training fanatic. My passion lies in spreading knowledge about full-body EMS training and optimizing posture through functional training. With a bachelor’s degree in health management and a master’s degree in sports science (with a focus on rehabilitation, regeneration, and prevention), along with 15 years of experience in the sports and fitness industry, I am a dedicated member of the Academy. Primarily, I work as a lecturer in the field of EMS training at various institutions, always aiming to present expertise in a meaningful and exciting way, along with my colleagues, to inspire more people with a desire for further education.

Due to chronic tinnitus resulting from physical strain in my role as a course instructor and a protrusion in the thoracic spine, I am also a living example of the immense benefits of electrostimulation. Additionally, I am a testament to the field of personal training, as it played a crucial role in helping me regain fitness and discover a continuous drive to never stop learning about the human body and its possibilities.

Dr. Julie Kux


Julie Kux, a seasoned physiotherapist and certified sports scientist, is a featured speaker at the academy. Armed with a Master’s degree and a PhD in exercise science from the German Sport University Cologne, Julie specializes in rehabilitation, prevention, sports physiotherapy, and more. With extensive practical experience and a background in lecturing at various educational institutions, Julie’s goal is to deliver information in a clear and concise manner, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for all.

My name is Julie Kux, and I am part of the speakers at the academy. My goal is to convey knowledge to you in an understandable way.

I am a qualified physiotherapist and certified sports scientist with a focus on rehabilitation, prevention, muscular imbalances, sports physiotherapy, health management, aids, functional assessments, evidence-based interdisciplinary concepts, and more.

I earned my Master’s degree at the German Sport University Cologne, where I also received a PhD in exercise science. I bring years of practical professional experience, research expertise, and many years of experience as a lecturer (at academies, vocational schools, colleges, and universities) to the academy.

It is my pleasure to present information in a clear and concise manner for you.

Jan Exner

Master Trainer

Jan Exner, a health management graduate from the German University for Prevention and Health, brings a dynamic blend of academic and practical experience. Rising from a studio manager role, Jan has spent the last 5 years specializing in electrostimulation, crafting and executing diverse training and nutrition programs. From a childhood passion for sports to his journey as a triathlete, Jan’s evolution to EMS reflects a commitment to fitness innovation. Join him for exciting and informative sessions that bridge theory and practical application.

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My name is Jan Exner, and I am looking forward to exciting and informative sessions with you. I successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts in Health Management at the German University for Prevention and Health in Cologne. The dual study program allowed me to immediately apply the theory I learned into practice. During my studies, I progressed to become a studio manager, taking on increasing responsibilities.

I have been working with electrostimulation on clients for the past 5 years, during which I have developed and implemented various training and nutrition programs.

During my childhood, I discovered a passion for sports at a very young age and became an avid triathlete. After closing that chapter, I transitioned to conventional training and, subsequently, to EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation).

Randi Schmidt

Master Trainer

Randi Schmidt, a fitness instructor and personal trainer since 2010, brings a wealth of experience from the United States to Germany since 2017. With expertise in diverse formats like HIIT, strength training, and dance, Randi has worked with all age groups and fitness levels. Venturing into EMS training in 2022, she remains passionate about witnessing clients achieve their fitness goals. Excited about the constant innovation in EMS training, Randi looks forward to contributing her knowledge and connecting with trainers worldwide at the international academy.

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My name is Randi Schmidt and I have been working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer since the year 2010. I am originally from the United States but moved to Germany in 2017. I have experience instructing various formats, from HIIT to strength training, from senior fitness to dance formats, boxing, cardio-kickboxing and beyond. In addition, I have experience working with every age group and fitness level. In 2022 I entered the field of EMS training.

Fitness and teaching are great passions of mine, and I love to see when clients achieve their goals, make improvements, and overall, just feel great in their own bodies. I’m looking forward to all the exciting new advancements and innovation that are continuing to happen in the field of EMS training.

Most of all, I am excited to be a part of this international academy, meet with trainers from around the world, and share valuable knowledge and experience.

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