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Uncover valuable insights, find solutions to common queries, and gain a deeper understanding of how EMS Training Academy works. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned customer, this comprehensive resource provides clarity on various aspects, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips. Dive into our FAQ section to enhance your experience and make the most out of your interaction with EMS Training Academy.

Common Questions and Answers

Certainly! Our school was officially established as an independent entity and is not affiliated with commercial brands or device manufacturers. With a two-decade-long experience in this field, it has benefited from the contributions of all professionals in creating the educational project that trains operators and enthusiasts on the universal foundations of the science related to EMS training. Our mission is to cultivate high-quality professionals capable of performing with any comprehensive active electro myo stimulation device in accordance with the standards required for such devices.
1. Purchase the course through the website, selecting the scheduled date for the practical session you wish to attend.
2. Gain immediate access to our e-learning platform.
3. Study the course contents through video lectures and documents, and complete self-assessment tests for each topic.
4. After completing the mandatory steps, attend the selected date at the location where the practical full immersion day will take place to conclude the course with the final test and obtain your license.
The knowledge and skills cultivated in our educational pathway are unique and exclusive. Therefore, it is essential, even for the most experienced professional, to commence with the Level 1 certification. This approach ensures alignment with the operational model established by our school, allowing for optimal assimilation of advanced content in subsequent stages.
Academic qualifications are not necessary; a foundational level of competence or experience in the field of fitness and sports, along with some practical exposure to EMS devices, is sufficient. Our educational model, aligned with European standards for education, ensures that courses are calibrated for universal understanding.

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